Horch 853 (1:12, CMC)

  • Horch 853 (Ab 1937)
  • CMC
  • 1:12
  • Standmodell / Unangetrieben
  • Silber/Schwarz
  • M-022
  • Neu und original verpackt
  • OVP/Karton ist vorhanden
  • Das Modell ist unverkäuflich
Limitiert auf 44 Stück
Modellauto Horch 853 von CMC 1:12 2

Das seltsamste CMC-Modell mir bekannt.
Ziel am Anfang war 500 Stück davon zu bauen. Das Ziel ist nie erreicht worden, weil auf einmal nach 44 produzierte Modelle die Matrizen "verschwunden" sind und die Entscheidung getroffen worden ist statt Resin-Modelle auf Kupfer als Basismaterial umzusteigen.
Deswegen sind die Resin-Modelle so extrem selten
Extremely rare model in my collection.
Although CMC planned to make 500 pieces of the model, only 44 have really been made due to the "sudden disappearing* of the moulds of the model in production.
This disappearance was at the origin for the change in the production process at CMC. From that moment on they only used pressed copper for their models. This decision suddenly ended their first steps into production of high-end resin models
Horch 853 Cabriolet

CMC - plastique et Zamac
Article paru dans Model Car
Francis, photos par Serge Lepaire

With less than ten models numbered that will be merchandise in France, the convertible Horch 853 at 1/12 proposes by CMC, face of straightaway among the rare pieces and that will be searched for by collectors. Just to make the beautiful part to the dream of all fascinate cars, we had the privilege to discover the beautiful at the time of his/her/its stake on walked it.
The CMC business it is the most often specialized in the manufacture of upscale models of luxury cars, generally achieved at 1/24th, in metal. Today, she/it presents us of a Horch 853, a convertible sport of 1936, a car of exception in all senses of the term, so much in real that in his/her/its version in scale model. Thus, the presentation of this last to the ladder of the 1/12, appear of most sumptuous and of a rare sharpness. The top in real cloth makes discover, thanks to his/her/its open position and no collapsible, in his/her/its least details, a rich inside. Seats in leather, I'imitation perfect of the bramble to drown the board of side and furnitures of doors, complete I'instrumentation with its dials circles of metal réhaussent dislocates it of the cockpit.

The outside aspect of the model is also beautiful invoice. Lines of the Horch that resemble have his/her/its direct rival besides the Mercedes K, are perfected and his/her/its decoration without reproach. Radiuses of wheels are an extreme sharpness, what reinforces the realism again. The merchandised model, collected, painted and decorated, understands 801 pieces, for a big part in resin, pieces constitute the terrific detaillage are in photodécoupe. Under the hood, that opens up in two times two parts, one recovers the superb motor specific 8 in line cylinders to the convertible 853.

Finally, has arrears, the door-trunk constituted of two retractable arms comes to complement the capacity of load of the case, as on the real convertible. In short nearly, because the Horches, as numbers of cars of luxury of the time, were achieved to the unit and were not endowed of an identical equipment.
Car of dream
Indeed, in years 30 (and again nowadays), marks of prestige proposed to their lucky customers, stars of the movies, famous pilots... of modéleses on measure, constructed more or less according to their desires from a frame common and declinable in several lengths and widths. According to the past control, convertible, roadster, berlin or limousine, the frame was provided then of his/her/its motorization of the adequate abeyance to support the weight of the cash-box.

II was confides has a famous carrossier finally, in the occurrence for Horch, Glaser or Spochn, that carrossait transported it. This was not even the small set but of the production to the unit of or the price of comes back exorbitant (15 250 Reichmarks until has 22000 Reiches mark for a version special roadster). Several motorizations were available: 8 in line cylinders or V of 3 ls has 5 ls until has a 12 cylinders of 6 ls! With regard to the convertible 853 this one was motorizes by a 8 in line cylinders of 4,9 ls that developed a strength of 120 ches, strength extensively suffsante to propel the 2,6 ts of the convertible has a speed of 150 km/hs.
The calender signed Auto Union
After having worked at Mercedes August Horch founds his/her/its own automotive construction society. Some years later, he/it sees ousted himself of his/her/its director's station by the board of directors. ll doesn't discourage itself and create a new society, the August Horch Automobil Werke that will become, following a suit instituted by his/her/its old business, the Audi Automobilwerke GBH.
Auto Union " AG " is or even the result of a fusion in 1932 of several German automotive businesses until then independent competitors. The Zschopauer Motorenwerke J-S - Rasmussen AG, manufacturing the DKW mark, merged in a first time (1928) with the Audi enterprise of Zwickau (Bass-Saxony), then in 1932, with the Society Horch, also of Zwickau, and that had in common with the previous society to have had August Horch as founding. Auto Union had been born and had absorbed the same year the Wanderer Verke AG of Chemnitz. The society regrouping the four enterprises has then for common emblem the four circles intertwine. Every business targeting a clientele with the different car ranges, DKW must construct the popular cars and averages, Audis and Horches of luxury cars. Alone cars of competition and of record were designated by the new name. It is for this reason that face on the superb calender of the Horch the acronym Auto Union. Acronym that brings back us has our model because the representation of this calender is indeed magnificent.

Quoted critical (it is even necessary some on a model of this value), we will deplore that the frame is not as very tidy in details that the remainder of the vehicle. It says, the Horch signed by CMC is definitely a very beautiful model of shop window. Finally, remain ie cost of the model himself. The Horch 853 at V12 will be merchandised to surroundings of 15 000 FS, an elevated price that doesn't put his/her/its purchase has the reach of all stock market, but one can always dream!
All our acknowledgments to the national museum of the car, 192, avenue of Colmar 68051 Mulhouse, for inforrnationses that he/it communicated us.

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