Bugatti 57 Stelvio coachwork Gangloff (1:43, Ilario)

  • Bugatti 57 Stelvio coachwork Gangloff (Ab 1938)
  • Ilario
  • 1:43
  • Standmodell / Unangetrieben
  • Weiss - Lavendel (Glänzend)
  • inkl. Vitrine
  • CHRO001
  • Limitiert auf 100 Modelle
  • Tadelloser Zustand / Neuwertig
  • OVP/Karton ist vorhanden
  • Das Modell ist unverkäuflich
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The first model of this new range is the Bugatti 57 Stelvio coachwork by Gangloff in 1938 serial number 57740.
Tracing the history of this model is not easy, and many doubts remain.
Initially it seems identified as Type 57 Cabriolet Stelvio Gangloff # 57,450 black color, and registered for the first time in 1938. According to some sayings, originally it was a Galibier body. Any info would be welcome!
In the 2003 edition of the American Registry Bugatti, the car is listed as # 57,740.
The proud owner keeps the car for 50 years during which he undertook a restoration and changes color in 2 shades of green.
In 2005, the car is sold and its new owners also decided to restore " Competition Quality."
The new dress white and lilac and a few minor changes are reminiscent of the style # 57749.
It summarizes the reference original 57,450, but everyone agreed today to consider as it is 57,740sn.
2 bodies (3?), 2 identifications, 2 restorations for the same car, what a wonderful adventure for this wonderful car that never ceases to delight us!
Both versions are offered under the references Chro01(white/Lilac) and Chro02 2tones green).

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