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I've just bought one more model for my 1:18 collection and I received together a coupon to join this community. First of all its a great idea and I hope we can all make it a meeting point, so we can talk about our collections, post models that we are "desperate" looking for and also exhibit through our Modelly page ours models.
As I said I'm a 1:18 scale car collector and I have done it as a hobby since 2010. My favorite models are: Alfa-Romeu - Audi - Bentley - BMW (I'm a Bimmer, so all models are welcome including Minis and Isettas!) - Bugatti - Classic VW - Classic Mercedes - Ferrari - Porsche - Lotus. Besides it I'm fascinated in US Muscle Cars!
Regarding to my BMW collection, since I'm a really enthusiastic person about this company, I'm afraid to say that I have almost all available models in 1:18 scale. In some cases I have more than 1 model in my collections. Even the Art Cart Collection from BMW I already have all of them!
The others cars manufacturers I don't have a specific collection period or chronological line. Most of the time I read/study about the car models and then depends on the importance of the model or even if I simply liked it, I start to chase this model for my collection.
I remember I started to buy my models in local stores and also through local internet websites. But my thirsty for more and more models has made me starting to search all over the world (US - Europe - Asia). One good place to make some shop is definitively eBay.
Besides it and after some good conversation with experienced collectors I also have specific diecast models brands that I use in much collection such as Auto Art, Kyosho and Minichamps. I wish I could have more money to buy CMC, Bauer and many others high quality models, but these 3 diecast companies are good enough for me. In some cases I have to buy Revell, Norev HQ, UT. These brands are nice, but is only when the model I'm looking for is not available in my favorites diecast brands!
Well I think this is a good begging for everybody knows a little about me and I hope to I can make good friends here, help people to find good models and also get some help to make my BMW (at least), the most complete one!

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