Mercedes-Benz F400 'Carving' (1:43, SPARK)

  • Mercedes-Benz F400 'Carving' (Ab 2002)
  • 1:43
  • Standmodell / Unangetrieben
  • Silber (Glänzend)
  • SPARK / 66040484 (EAN)
  • Nicht limitiert / Unbegrenzte Auflage
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2002 F400 Carving

Presented at the 2002 35th Tokyo Motor ShowAn uncompromising, thoroughbred speedster with an extremely flat, elongated bonnet, a short tail and a weatherproof made-to-measure interior for two passengers. Once again a special focus was placed on driving dynamics, e.g. the Active Tyre Tilt Control (ATTC) system, which adjusts the camber angle of both the front and rear wheels when cornering or braking hard. A computer control system allows the outer wheels to tilt sideways on bends to a maximum angle of 20 degrees. The revolutionary design of the tyres with their asymmetric tread pattern ensures that they run on a section of high-friction tread rubber specially designed for cornering – rather than running on their inside edge. The inner wheels on bends and the vehicle body remain in their normal position. As a result, depending on speed and curve radius, the F400 sets new standards in directional stability, driving safety, speed and dynamism. Other key features include the electronic "steer-by-wire" system, the electronic "shift-by-wire" system (controlled using buttons on the steering wheel) and the 42 V vehicle power supply. (Mercedes Benz Company press release)

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