Mercedes McLaren MP4/21 (1:18, Minichamps)

  • Mercedes McLaren MP4/21 (Ab 2006)
  • Minichamps
  • 1:18
  • Standmodell / Unangetrieben
  • Racing / Bunt (Glänzend)
  • #3, Kimi Raikkonen
  • MINICHAMPS / 66962345 (EAN)
  • Limitiert auf 2.000 Modelle
  • Keine Angaben
  • Keine Angaben
  • Das Modell ist unverkäuflich
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Driver : Kimi Raikkonen
The car is limited to 2000 pieces.It was already sold out, although I ordered it before the release date.

I already liked the MP4-20, but this one is just stunning : the way they accomplished to give it the chrome finishing is just wow....(don't think the car is perfect cause it's not). Lot's of detail everywhere you look...

The detail on this car is amazing, but there is one thing that ruins it to some point : decals : sticking them onto the chrome paint made the edges visible everywhere and on my model, they even managed to stick the car number #3 oblique (!?). On the sidewings, the decals are just floating above the surface, so they are destined to loosen some day...
And another neg point : the price : 75 € (near 100$) with a 10% discount and that is a little too much... But I'm afraid I'll have to keep this one because like I said above, the car (dealer edt.) is already sold out, so it would be difficult to get a replacement...
Pictures are not perfect, it's very difficult to get the chrome right...

Autor: MBC112

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