Mercedes C-Klasse ITC (1:18, exclusiv cars)

  • Mercedes C-Klasse ITC (Ab 1996)
  • exclusiv cars
  • 1:18
  • Standmodell / Unangetrieben
  • Racing / Bunt (Glänzend)
  • D2; Bernd Schneider, #1
  • EXCLUSIVCARS / 66005208 (EAN)
  • Nicht limitiert / Unbegrenzte Auflage
  • Keine Angaben
  • Keine Angaben
  • Das Modell ist unverkäuflich
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The German factory "Exclusiv cars" is the only one that released the 1996 Mercedes ITC cars in 1:18. They have a pretty good detail, sometimes better than the 1995 DTM cars by UT/ iron windshield wiper; steel spoiler on the trunk, real cloth seatbelts, photo etched star on the hood....neg points are the terrible head and tail lights. The headlights are just a very shiny transparant plastic, glued on an aluminim sheet, very unrealistic..another negative point are the decalls...stickers all over the car...No opening engine hood and trunk.

The interior is ok...nice detail and dash board, with a complete safety seater...

Autor: MBC112

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