Mercedes-Benz SSKL Mille Miglia (1:18, CMC)

  • Mercedes-Benz SSKL Mille Miglia (Ab 1931)
  • CMC
  • 1:18
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  • Metall / Druckguss
  • Weiss (Glänzend)
  • M-055
  • Nicht limitiert / Unbegrenzte Auflage
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At the beginning of the 1930’s, the Mercedes SSKL (Light) was built out of the SSK (Super-Sport-Kurz or Super-Sport-Short) because this car was too heavy to race on circuit and Grand prix. To do this, multiple holes were drilled in the chassis of the car (minus 125 kg). In 1931 Rudolf Caracciola won Italy’s Mille Miglia, the Avus Race in Berlin and two races on the Nürnburgring. At the end of 1931 Caracciola went to Alfa Romeo.
The career of this car ended in 1934 when the supreme international motorsport authority reduced the weight of the new formula cars to 750 kg, only half the SSKL.

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