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As thousand of us, I'm a car freak. Not only of supersport or dreamcars, I like all kind of them.
Beautiful or ugly, are not definitions to me. Things like emotion ( showing, hearing, touching ), sensation ( driving... Slow, medium, faster ) and history are much more important. Since I was young, I've been always sketching and doing models. Now it's my job as automotive designer to really create them, but even if it's one of the world coolest job, I have always keep a special place for my childhood passion: 1/18 car customs.

For nearly 20 years I've started to create or customize them, of course at that time I was more looking for race or sportscar ( Ferrari most of them ), but I've always been looking to be realistic, accurate and try to make something meaningful.

After many years without any creations, I have decided to get back on the track with on one of my favorite cars era: US Muscle car and my preferred model: the chevy Chevelle.

I have around 20 cars available, but need to do some picts... I'll update regulary :)

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