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Hello Collectors.
I am a long time car enthusiast who has been collecting diecast most of my life. The earliest cars in my collection go back to the early 1960's.
I collected Husky as a child and them started with Hot Wheels once they were released. Adulthood found my building a large collection of Franklin and Danbury Mint 1:24 and then later, 1:18 ranging frm Maisto to Exoto and CMC.
I ended up realizing that I was running out of room and I was also running out of cars that interested me.

Gladly I discovered 1:43 and ended up selling most of my 1:24 and 4/5's of my 1:18 and totally focus on 1:43 now.
I also have a 1:43 based forum,

I collect Shelby, Ford GT40, Can Am, Trans Am. Road racing cars of thee 60'/70's, Porsche , Mercedes, Aston Martin, Ford powered cars and many other categories.

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